What is Bluetooth?

Let’s see if we can help shed some light on what Bluetooth is for you.

In its simplest, Bluetooth is usually useful for sending files or contact information between two mobile phones for instance, or maybe an ongoing transfer of data, just like in a hands free kit, in which the earpiece would use Bluetooth to wirelessly send and receive audio to and from a mobile phone.

What is Bluetooth, well Bluetooth could also be used to wirelessly control devices. For instance by using Bluetooth to pair a smartphone towards outdoor bluetooth speakers despite the fact you send music through the phone to be played out of the speakers, but you are also able to use the phone to regulate the volume, pause the music or skip track.

In the same way the wireless controllers used by the Xbox One and several other consoles use Bluetooth to pair together with the console and wireless keyboards and mice generally depend on Bluetooth.

Being able to pair devices makes Bluetooth an important portion of the growing Internet of Things (IoT) – smart, connected devices covering everything from phones and watches to cars, washing machines and lights, which can all talk to each other, or at least with every other device that it could understandably come in handy to communicate with.

The Internet of Things will probably be a huge part of Bluetooth’s future too, we will do an article about The Internet Of Things here on Bluetooth Speaker Pro.

What is Bluetooth used for in our day to day lives ? well capabilities are already being put to some other inventive uses, just like preventing the theft or loss of a device by pairing it to a mobile phone after which having an alert set off on the phone once the handset and its paired item become separated and the connection is lost. Exactly the same idea has additionally been used on man overboard alarms on boats.

Bluetooth’s Future

Bluetooth isn’t disappearing in the near future. In reality the latest update to version 4.1 has geared it up for an entire new generation of smart devices and may even result in it transforming into a essential part of the foundation for the Internet of Things, however it is not the only wireless technology in existence today.

Any kind of technology which could simultaneously supply higher data transfer speeds than Bluetooth and employ only a small amount of power as Bluetooth low energy could make Bluetooth obsolete.

That said it’s still going strong after 20 years and at this time you’ll find nothing which really checks all of the boxes Bluetooth does.

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