Breadman TR520 Review

Now you can experience that aroma of the fresh out of the oven bread with the Breadman TR520 right at home. The versatile bread machine can bake 2, 1.5-, and 1 lb. loaves in under one hour and will do wonders to your favorite recipes, from honey wheat, cinnamon raisin, rosemary, and hearty rye to cranberry oat, and the classic French style bread, cheesy onion focaccia, even delicious cinnamon rolls to go with that early morning breakfast and dinner rolls to make any diner special.

The Breadman TR520 has an easy to follow push button panel with a rich digital visual display for ease of programming. You can select from three different crust shades – dark, medium or light and this bread machine has eight different settings for baking a wide variety of breads or dough.

The Breadman TR520 is available on Amazon at over 40% off retail price.

Here are some great features of the Breadman TR520

  • Bakes 2, 1.5 and 1 pound loaf
  • 3 crust color choices, 8 settings for breads/dough
  • Timer delay 13 hrs
  • Signal bell to add nuts and fruits; large viewing window; baking pain is nonstick; removable lid
  • Dimensions: 13.5 In. by 12.5in. by 13.5 in.1 Yr limited warranty

This is a very easy to operate bread machine, you will love that aroma of the fresh bake.

Overall I would say this bread machine the TR520 is a very good bread machine and provides an easy to use and quick way to cook bread. This bread will be tasty, but easy to make. Also when making bread by hand many people struggle with measuring out the correct ingredients or kneading the dough properly, but with the TR520 you will not have to worry about any of this. This really is an amazing bread maker, you can even see it listed at BreadMachineComparison which provides some great reviews on these appliances!

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